My name is Ciara and I've been studying dog training for the last 10 years. The dog training industry is currently unregulated so it is important to look at what each dog trainer's background is. I have completed the Dog Training Course with Elista Education and the Professional Dog training course with Creedons College, both with distinctions.  I have also attended a number of seminars and workshops in Ireland.

I have 6 gorgeous dogs at the moment, each with their own strong personalities and each learn in completely different ways.
Bare Necessities Dog Training is about teaching dogs the bare necessities of coping in the busy world around them. Dogs have had to learn to adapt to the changing environment and its up to us to show them how to do this and still enjoy life being dogs. 
We use positive, force free training, always aiming towards helping the dogs make the right choices.

Training & Qualifications

Dog Training Course - Elista Education​ - 2013

Training the Exercises – Foundation to Advanced - IMDT  2015

Aggression & Rehab Course - IMDT 2015

2 Day-Career As A Dog Trainer - IMDT 2015
Professional Dog Training Instructor - Creedons College 2017
Dog Emotion and Cognition - Duke University  2018

Fear - School of Canine Science 2019

Inside Your Dog's Mind - Victoria Stilwell 2020

Diploma in Animal Behaviour DipCABT COAPE 2019-2021 (in progress)